Victoria, Roanoke, VA

The independence that children are so often sheltered and protected from is instilled using the love and logic techniques and the results are so unbelievably effective; not only are the parents the ones who come out of difficult situations looking calm and in charge, but the kids are taught how to handle their future in ways that are more effective than any other parenting methods I’ve come across or experienced.

Dr. Lisa Rochford, Roanoke Area Psychologist

Decca’s parenting classes are filling a great need among parents in the Roanoke Valley. I have recommended her program to a great many of my clients and see it helping those with preschoolers through teens. I have heard nothing but rave reviews of Decca’s teaching and the practical advice Love and Logic® offers. The program has reduced the amount of tension and corporal punishment in the home and given parents hope that they can turn around very difficult situations. Thanks for creating this invaluable service in our community! I will continue to recommend it highly!

Bailey Evans, M.Ed, LPC

As a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) specializing in therapy for children, adolescents, and families I am always looking for additional parenting support for the families with whom I am working. I have found Love and Logic® to be an incredibly supportive and informative resource for many of my parents who are interested in parenting support. I recommend the Love and Logic® series to every family who presents for treatment with me as a supportive option. The parents who choose to explore and participate with Decca have been incredibly pleased and their children typically excel in treatment with a shorter amount of time in treatment and successful resolution of treatment goals. I keep copies of the books in my office for parents to borrow and for reference. I would recommend including Love and Logic® as a support to therapeutic treatment for any practitioner. You will not be disappointed!

Keith and Valerie, Roanoke, VA

The parents from one of the players on our son’s travel ball team were telling us about this course a couple of weeks ago. They were talking about how terrific the course is, and I was thinking, wow, I wish something like that would be offered in our school area. And - viola- the flyer appeared in our children’s backpacks this week.

Jaime, Publisher Macaroni Kid Roanoke

I personally have been using Love and Logic® techniques for several years. They work. And they work well. Are my kids perfect? Heck, no! BUT, I feel confident on how to better handle some common situations that can drive you completely crazy as a parent! (You all know what I'm talking about!)

Christie, Bonsack, VA

My husband and I are adopting a 4 and 6 year old sister set from foster care. We love the Love and Logic® techniques and we’ve seen a ton of change in ourselves and our kids.

Chad Wills, Licensed Professional Counselor, Roanoke, VA

As a child therapist I find Love and Logic® to be one of the programs I recommend most to parents. The program enables parents to have clear techniques to implement for common struggles such as homework, bedtime, arguing, and others. The techniques in the program give parents logical reasons for implementing strategies that at times require a “tough love approach” in the short term, but will increase the chances of long term success. I often recommend the Love and Logic® books to parents and have enjoyed and learned more about the program through the class led by Decca Knight and sponsored by Roanoke County Schools. I would recommend attending the class to any parents who wish to learn practical strategies that delivery positive emotion while still teaching children consequences.

Steve, Roanoke, VA

Anger was the only tool I had to discipline my children. Now I have a whole tool box to choose from for different situations.

Thomas & Betsy, Roanoke, VA

We have learned that parenting can be fun and that control is within reach. Knowledge can reduce stress and make parenting more fun!

Kodela, Roanoke, VA

This class was an enlightening experience. I find myself responding much better to my children and allowing them to take some responsibility. This is great training for children and parents.

Ellen, Parent and Teacher, Roanoke, VA

After first hearing of Love and Logic® parenting from our school guidance counselor, I took a seminar offered by Decca in the Spring of this year. With 2 very strong-willed daughters, parenting was becoming exhausting and becoming a constant battle. Our 'drill sergeant' (because I said so) way of parenting was no longer working. It was eye-opening learning that so much of our kids misbehavior was driven by the way we spoke and reacted to them. When I can stay calm and remember to use the Love and Logic® techniques like the 'one liners' or to give them choices, home life becomes more peaceful and runs much smoother. Now the girls get a say instead of just always being told what to do, resulting in fewer arguments. I wish we had found Love and Logic earlier in our parenting.

Linda, Roanoke, VA

Before I would expect my child to do what I asked her, this would often end up in a battle, constant reminding, and threatening. Now she can choose and I am not battle fatigued.