Hosting a Class


Decca partners with organizations to host parenting classes. Classes can be taught in-person or online. Payment for the course can be made by the organization or through a combination of organizational and parent payments.  If your organization is interested in hosting a class, please email Decca at 


Class Content


Our standard classes are interactive and may include the following teaching methods:

•  Videos

•  Reviewing and discussing the videos

•  Doing simple exercises in a parent workbook

•  Role-playing and group-work

•  Problem solving with significant others or other parents

•  Homework and practice with your own kids

•  Asking questions about specific parenting scenarios

•  Having a TON of fun and laughs


Typically, classes are taught in five two-hour sessions. Though this may seem like a lot of time, you probably spend more than this each month at the grocery store, watching movies, or hanging out with friends. Make your family's health, happiness, and wellbeing a priority!


The strategies and techniques learned in class can be used for toddlers, preschoolers, elementary-aged children, pre-teen, and teens. If made available by the hosting organization, childcare may be included.


We also offer shorter, introductory classes that can range from an hour to four hours, depending upon the needs of the group.  Options for this type of class include:

• One-hour introductory class to spark interest

• Saturday/Sunday one-time class

 Class Cancellations & Refunds


Each class must meet a minimum number of participants, otherwise the class will be canceled.  Cancellations that are initiated by Blue Ridge Parenting LLC will result in a refund of your course fees, unless you chose to apply your course fees to a future class reservation.