About Us


Blue Ridge Parenting & Consulting (BRPC), based in Roanoke, Virginia, specializes in delivering answers to your most basic parenting questions including:

      • How to stop getting in arguments or power struggles

      • How to parent without yelling or spanking

      • How to get your kids to do their chores

      • How to get your kids to bed on time

      • How to stop your children from bickering and fighting

      • How to discipline in public without causing a scene

      • How to create effective and natural consequences

      • How to turn mistakes into learning opportunities

      • How to handle whining and complaining

      • And much, much more!

Please refer to the services offerings for more details on classes and private consulting.

Decca Knight, MAEd, LPC, LPSC, CTP-C, NCC

Decca Knight is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Licensed Professional School Counselor, National Certified Counselor, and a Certified Clinical Trauma Practitioner. Decca has 15 years of experience in the mental health field and has worked in the school system, private practice, and as a consultant to various agencies, organizations, and school systems. Decca has advanced training in parenting, trauma-informed care, play therapy, Theraplay, expressive therapies, dyadic therapies, and more. In addition to Blue Ridge Parenting, Decca co-owns Connected Child Connected, a consulting business which provides education and support to school, community, business, and faith-based organizations related to child development. She has presented to clinicians, educators, social workers, parents, etc. regionally, statewide, and nationally. Decca has been awarded the “Golden Halo” award by Children’s Trust for preventing child abuse in the Roanoke community as well as the Humanitarian and Caring Person Award for the Virginia Counselors Association.